Friday, August 19, 2011

Fruit Dessert

Dessert.... the best part of any meal! I'm sure we all agree to that :) Now, when we say dessert, we usually think of something RICH and wholesome and yumm yumm!!
 If someone placed a bowl of fruit salad in front of me as dessert, I'd be a wee bit disappointed. That's what happened to me when this dessert was placed in front of me for the first time at my friend's place.  
Of course that was until I took a bite of it and realized it wasn't fruit salad. It was FRUIT DESSERT, a dessert in its true sense. RICH, WHOLESOME and YUMM YUMM!
My friend, who is from Sudan told me its a very common dessert in most Arab homes.
The best part....its made with fruits only!!! No extra nothings added to it. A dessert this healthy and this easy to make was very new to me. I really wanted a second helping but I politely asked her how she made it instead. A no cook, no bake dessert. This I had to try.
Here's what you need to make it
Preparation time - 15 minutes
Serves - 8-9 people
Best served chilled
4 cups of chopped fruits of your choice
(I used kiwis, apples, frozen raspberries and grapes)
1 big tin mango pulp (sweetened)

  • Throw in all the chopped fruits into a mixing bowl and add the mango pulp to it. Stir gently.

  • Cling wrap and refrigerate for 3-4 hours or for 1 hour in the freezer.

  • Remove and stir. Serve in small dessert bowls.



  1. Instead of using mango pulp, they use mango juice sometimes(the tetra pack ones. Mazaa should work fine). This is not as rich as when made with the pulp. If you want a light flavoured fruit salad for yourself, you can try it with mango juice.
  2. All fruits go great with this. Papayas, melons, bananas,apples....You will have your kids eating the fruits they wouldn't eat normally without them knowing it. Try it ;)

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  1. this looks like my kinda dessert !!! looks delicious :D yummmmm love the fruits uve added

  2. wow! surely a gr8 dessert for weight watchers! will try it out immediately!

  3. A great way to eat all ur fruits n relishing with d mango flavour Waiting to try it soon LOOKS GOOD TO EAT

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments : )
    It is a great dessert for weight watchers definitely and its absolutely refreshing from the normal desserts we have.
    I'm sure you all will enjoy it. Let me know how you like it.
    have a fruity weekend : )



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