Saturday, February 25, 2012

Khubani ka meetha/apricot dessert

Khubani ka meetha is the most simple yet most rich dessert I have ever had. The best part is that there is no oil/ghee/butter included in making this dessert. It is made with apricots only. Apricots are very good for health and a  good source of fibre, vitamins, iron and many other essential nutrients. 

A lot of my friends have served me this dessert on various occasions. I just had to know how it was made but I didn't think it would be this simple.
There is a bit of pre planning required to make this apricot dessert. You will have to soak dried apricots in water overnight or for atleast4-6 hours. Once the apricots have soaked well it will take only 15 minutes to prepare it.
You can serve this dessert on its own, with ice cream, custard or whipped cream. I had vanilla ice cream at home so I have used that.
To make this deliciously easy dessert you will need

Pre soaking - overnight or 4-6 hours atleast
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 15 minutes
Serves 5 people

250 g pre soaked apricots(seeded)
100 g sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup water

  • Wash and soak dried apricots in water. Make sure there's enough water to cover all the apricots.
Once soaked overnight or for 4-6 hours they will become pulpy and soft.
  • Once they look like the picture above, drain the water and retain it.
  • De-seed the apricots. Since the apricots are now soft they become very easy to de-seed.
Do not throw away the seeds as they have small nuts inside them that are very much like small almonds. These nuts are used in this dessert.
  • Now take the drained water in a pan and add 1/2 cup of plain water to this. Add the de-seeded apricots to this and bring to a boil. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.
  • While the apricots are cooking, crack the seeds using a nut cracker to extract the nuts.
  • Once the apricots are cooked remove from flame, open the lid and mash the apricots roughly with a spoon/masher. Add the sugar and lemon juice to this and mix until dissolved. The mixture will turn a dark brown once you add the sugar and lemon juice.
  • Using a hand blender, blend in the apricots to a smooth puree and add the nuts. 
  • Serve hot with a generous scoop of ice cream/custard or whipped cream.
  1. Apricots are naturally sweet, hence the amount of sugar can be decreased in this dessert as well. The original recipe I got from my friend had 150g sugar but I reduced it to 100g and it was still a sweet treat.
  2. Blending it to a smooth paste is an option. You can serve it pulpy as well if you like it that way.
  3. If you plan not to blend it to a smooth puree, it will be a good idea to roughly chop the soaked apricots before cooking them.

I will be linking this lovely dessert to the 'Cakes, Cookies and Desserts' event @ Spice and Sugar Tales


  1. This is my favorite one and you have made the recipe so simple to reach out.
    Thanks for linking. :)

    Event : Cakes, Cookies and Desserts

  2. @ Achu's Amma... thanks : )

    @Anjali... Thanks. It's one of my favourites too. Was happy to contribute to your event : )

  3. Looks delicious n unique dessert!!

    Please link your entries to EP Series-Cilantro & Cumin Event
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  4. Thanks Julie
    hope to contribute to your event

  5. Looks delicious. Happy to follow you

  6. Welcome to blogging...Nice recipe on khubani ka meetha...I am glad to follow ur space.

  7. I would surely try it.. thanks Shabnam

  8. can we store the cooked khubani sweet in freezer?

  9. Good question.....I have never tried it but I'm sure you can. It's jus fruit purée. If you do freeze it though, do not add the nuts before freezing. They may go all soft. Top it up with nuts once you defrost and have it ready to serve.
    Best of luck.
    Let me know how the freezing worked out for you :)



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